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Tuesday, 13 September 2016


 When I started on my own to learn baking I faced some challenges like too hard a cake or cracking pie and very sugary cake.And some friends has called several times to complain so am here to help with the below secrets to baking.

1,  Use eggs at room temperature
2,  Sieve flour from a fair height to give it chance to lighten
3,  Know and understand your  oven
4,  Place cake at the center of the oven where the heat is uniform
5,  Quality cake pans conduct heat effectively {thick pans}
6,  Read through recipe before starting 
7,  Assemble all ingredients and equipments before baking
8,  Preheat oven before putting cake in oven
9,  Avoid opening oven until timing is about 2/3, a drop of temperature will result in a cake sunk.
So thank me later when you follow the above tips and your pastry came out nice and taste good as well.For further questions feel free to ask.

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