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Sunday, 20 November 2016


Groundnut (raw). 1cup
Fresh egg. 1
Cooking oil.
Sugar. (to taste)
Vanilla flavour. 1food cover
Salt. (more than a pinch)
1. Wash the groundnut and sieve out the water. Put in a bowl.
2. Break the egg into the groundnut and stir well.
3. Add sugar to it and mix.
4. Add salt and taste.
5. Add the vanilla flavour.
6. Add the flour little by little, and mix with the groundnut.
7. Bring out the groundnut mixed with flour in separate plate.
8. Put groundnut oil in pot or pan and allow to heat for some minutes.
9. When the oil must have heated, add some of the coated groundnut. (Don't stir immediately so that the coating won't go off the groundnut).
10. Allow to fry a bit before you can stir gradually.
11. While frying, don't cover the pot/pan. Deep fry. (Don't leave it to be so brownish while frying)
12. Use a sieve spoon to bring the peanuts out and put in a sieve.
13. Turn off the heat and allow to get cold.
NB: To preserve, put in a well tight covered container to avoid penetration of air.

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